sexta-feira, 25 de junho de 2010

Bethel Church

Hi girls!!
Long time since I wrote in English... I know! Shame on me!!

Today I came just to introduce you guys to a very blessed ministry in Redding, California. It's Bethel Church. The Sênior pastor is Bill Johnson, but they have others pastoring there too. Bethel is a different church with a great vision. They have impacting the World and their message have already impacted me. Bethel Church allows you to download their sunday message on their web page

So, if you can listening English and understand, download their message. They are life changing. To this way. Go to their web site, click in Features, and then in Sermon of the week. You can watch on their web site (there is a video) or download it. ....And enjoy the service!!

In his love,
Patty Dutra

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