quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010

Worship as a lifestyle

So, this is gonna be our first post in English... a place in our blog to Brazilian who speaks English and for those all around the Globe.
This is a place to Little Daughters of Daddy, so be free to come and come again, ok?

Today it took that video because Kim Walker talks about the true about worship. O man, this is STRONG!! .. Listen to that! It can change your thoughts about many things. Do you need someone to worship and take you to Throne Room? Worship is a lifestyle. You live from a place of 24/7 worship. I shouldn't be any different, but it is. So, we need to change stuffs dude! We need to change our hearts, minds and acts. He is calling us to a deep relationship and worship comes from that place alone.

Yes, Kim, I too want to see that happening in church.. in Brazil and all around the World.

If you never heard about Kim Walker or Jesus Culture, or even Bethel Church, I strongly recommend it to you. Look for their stuffs on the internet. You'll be blessed and God will talk to you. I'm sure!

So open the ears of your heart and feel the presence of God through this people.

In His love

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